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Providing professional landscaping in San Antonio, we are committed to providing gardens and built structures which add real extra livability and value to properties. Much more importantly, we’re committed to excellent customer service, no matter how big or small the landscaping project which you might have in mind.

Texas Hill Country Landscaping did a wonderful job on my front yard. I had so many questions that they helped answer. The pricing was excellent and the landscapers were very skilled in their work. All the plants and materials I used came right from their own yard. They have another company Quality Organic Products and the pricing on all the material was very reasonable when I compared it to other companies. Overall, I was very happy with all the work and the prices. I would recommend Texas Hill Country Landscaping to anyone!

Great customer service experience. Plus, I love the fact that, they used their own organic products, in all the flower beds around the house.

Texas Hill Country Landscaping transformed our neglected backyard with serious water drainage issues into a serene paradise with strategic water drainage solutions designed under the beautiful landscape. Talented, reliable, flexible professionals who exceeded our expectations! Highly recommend this landscaping firm!

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When Looking for a Landscaping Contractor San Antonio, TX, Quality Workmanship Is of Paramount Importance

Specializing in professional quality from start to finish, Texas Hill Country Landscaping provide softscape & hardscape landscaping. This means that we’re San Antonio’s go-to providers of stunning horticultural landscaping and built structures such as patios, outdoor kitchens, and beautiful free standing structures.

Softscape Landscaping San Antonio</br>Lawn Care & Horticultural

Softscape Landscaping San Antonio
Lawn Care & Horticultural

As a leading landscaping contractor in San Antonio, we specialize in providing expert lawn care, tree planting, and carefully planned horticultural landscaping.

This means that we can help you beautify gardens and outdoor living spaces, by sculpting physical soil landscapes and identifying what floral color schemes will best complement your property and garden.

Softscape landscaping focuses on the living elements used to beautify a park or garden. We, therefore, help you identify what trees, grasses, and flowering plants best match the overall personality of your property. In like regard, we can identify flowering plants which bloom at different times of the year, so as to add year-round color and visual vitality to garden areas. This and plan landscaping which is easy for property owners to maintain long-term.

Landscaping San Antonio</br>Hardscape Landscaping

Landscaping San Antonio
Hardscape Landscaping

A hardscape landscaping contractor in San Antonio helps add value to properties via the building of free-standing structures and built features such as patios.

As for why choosing the right hardscape landscaping architect is important, the reason is simple. When done right, even simple landscaping features such as privacy fences can add up to $5,000 to overall property resale values.

At Texas Hill Country Landscaping in San Antonio, we help add as much material and livability value to properties as possible. We do this by specializing in the quality craftsmanship of new fences, fire pits, patio areas, gazebos, and natural stone walkways. Even better, we also specialize in the construction of dedicated outdoor living spaces such as outdoor kitchens and garden poolside surrounds.

Landscaping San Antonio</br>Outdoor Kitchens & Fire Pits

Landscaping San Antonio
Outdoor Kitchens & Fire Pits

As well as being a local innovator in hardscape and softscape landscaping, Texas Hill Country Landscaping are leading suppliers of stunning outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.

Often cited as a top home renovation project for adding market value to properties, outdoor kitchens add a completely new livability dimension to homes and gardens. This is due to the fact that fire pits and kitchen installations add phenomenal entertainment potential to properties.

In order to help you transform your outdoor living space into a functional extra family area, we help you identify what kitchen installations will best match your existing landscaping. Much more importantly, we grade new features into garden areas by adding matching seating walls, patios, and pergolas. In doing so, we create environments which go above & beyond our client’s expectations.

Landscaping San Antonio</br>Irrigation & Landscape Lighting Systems

Landscaping San Antonio
Irrigation & Landscape Lighting Systems

Visually impressive landscaping is just as much about presentation and ongoing maintenance as it is first rate horticultural expertise.

In order to help keep lawns and gardens looking as verdant as possible we, therefore, specialize in expert installation of fully automated irrigation systems. Also specializing in stunning landscape lighting solutions, we help San Antonio homeowners choose lighting systems which add a distinctive allure to garden areas. At the same time, because exterior lighting systems are proven to help deter criminals, we help homeowners increase property safety by brightening up home exteriors.

From identifying the most suitable light fixtures to discreetly hiding irrigation hoses and electrical connections, we help beautify outdoor areas with minimal fuss. Much more importantly, we always strive to provide lighting and irrigation systems which require minimal power and on-going maintenance.

Landscaping San Antonio</br>Free No Obligation Consultations

Landscaping San Antonio
Free No Obligation Consultations

Dedicated to creating environments which capture imaginations, we always strive to match end landscaping results with each of our client’s original garden expectations.

Of course, we know that it can often be difficult to articulate many landscaping ideas. This is why we are always happy to visit San Antonio property owners for a free, no obligation, on-site consultation. If you are turning over different landscaping ideas in your mind, we will help you understand which are possible and which will likely guarantee the best results.

We will also discuss what might be required to make your landscaping vision a reality. This and what costs and physical labor will likely be involved in realizing the kind of dream outdoor living area you have in mind.

Are you looking to revitalize the outdoor space around your property?

As landscaping San Antonio specialists with 20-years experience, we’d love to help. This being the case, whether you are looking for advice or are ready to go ahead with a new project, make sure to call or contact us today to see how we can help.